National Geo-portal

The platform enables you to view and perform basic spatial analysis on fundamental datasets. The basic functions include map overlay with other datasets, geometry calculations, map printing, online sharing via social media, superimposition of own datasets.

Regional Portals

Online portal facilitating the discovery, visualisation, evaluation, and access to geospatial data held by government institutions.

Metadata Browser

The Geographic Portal for the Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (RSDI) and an online portal facilitating the discovery, visualisation, evaluation, and access to geospatial information.

Services we offer

Capturing of Infrastructural data for planning

The Namibia Statistics Agency also maintains geographic databases of infrastructure (dwelling units) use for residential, commercial, and public services such as agriculture, hospital and clinics, schools, police stations, filling stations, transport, water points, etc. These databases also include data layers on vital geographical referenced features such as roads, rivers, dams, among many others.

Aerial Photographs

In the course of demarcating, revising and updating the National Sampling Frame, constituting of over 6160 enumeration areas. The GIS Sevices and NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) Division make use of high-quality aerial photographs of urban areas and SPOT images for rural areas. Past images acquired between 2001 till date are also available for the general public for reuse in planning, monitoring, and evaluation of national developments and researches.

Surveys and Censuses

A lot of data collected in Namibia are based on sample surveys. In order to ensure that the selected households represent the population to be studied, this sub-division is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Master Sample Frame and estimation of sampling errors.

In population censuses and sample surveys, it is important that the right population is surveyed without omissions or duplications. Therefore, this sub-division is also responsible for the preparation of maps of primary sampling units and population census enumeration areas, as well as the maintenance of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Specialised Spatial Analysis and Geo-data Services

The GIS Services and NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) Division of the NSA also provides direct assistance upon request to other ministerial institutions, private and public entities, academic institutions, researchers and spatial planning consultants, NGOs with geographic data capturing and updating, sampling frames for various socio-economic surveys, and spatial analysis and planning works that are not covered during the main censuses and survey activities.

Request Forms

The NSA proudly announces that our data and services are available for public use upon request and completion of a formal agreement form specifying your needs and intended use of the data. Find below the three request forms of the services we offer through the  GIS services and NSDI coordination division.

Data collection Request Form

Spatial Data Request Form

Capacity Building Request Form