Become spatially enabled NSDI TRAINING The NSDI policy stipulates that the NSDI Secretariat and all spatial data custodians should build capacity for the initial development and ongoing administration of the NSDI. Sustained capacity will ensure regular update of spatial data sets within the infrastructure. Several capacity building goals have also been outlined in the NSDI Strategic and Action Plan. As the NSDI Secretariat, the NSA has been conducting basic GIS training and rolling the Open Source GIS system in regional councils and local authorities in order to achieve these goals. The power of NSDI The power of NSDI: Transforming the social, economic and environmental landscape of Namibia into a digital environment from local to regional and national levels as means to building a spatially-enabled nation. NSDI ensures this through the integration of statistics and geography by mapping people, businesses and the environment to enhance evidence-based planning, policy formulation, and decision making in order to achieve our National Development Plans objectives (NDP) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). VIEW DETAILS Census Mapping Census Mapping In 2021, the NSA successfully completed the census mapping exercise which is the process of dividing the country into smaller units of land, during which EA boundaries and type are clearly described. One of the outputs of the census mapping exercise are the geo-referenced dwelling unit frame which enables us; 1. To locate every dwelling geographically on a map; 2. To collect associated attribute information about each dwelling unit; and 3. to continuously maintain such a frame.
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